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The 64th annual Proston Show will be held on 5 March, 2022. We are proud to announce that we will be running a full program of events. This year, we will be hosting a Speckle Park Feature Show, and are delighted to announce a return of horses, chainsaw racing, woodchops and the Ute Muster. Please visit our Facebook page for updates as we approach the big days!


The Proston Pastoral, Agricultural and Horticultural Society

ABN:  81 583 946 005


T.J. Duff L. Blanch P. Manthey
N. Young Ms. D. Blanch Ms. L Manthey
Ms.  H. Young Ms. I McDonald  

PATRON: Mr. Peter Manthey    PATRONESS:  Mrs. Lynette Manthey

President: Mortimer Duff 0488 992 334
Secretary: Ms. Glenda McArdle 0431 007 020
Treasurer: Ms. Helen Young 
Show Office:   Ph 0431 007 020
Mailing: The Secretary, P.O. Box 44, Proston 4613
Facebook: Facebook


Catering Convener: Irene McDonald, 0428 689 281 Chief Pavilion: Brenda Johanson, (07) 4168 9342
Ute Show:  Jason Black, 0429 632 387 Dog Show: Valley Horne, 0427 831 205
Chainsaw Events: Will Hutchins, 0428 558 890 Stock Horse Challenge: Mary Ramke, 0427 689 307
Ring Events: Amanda Wagner, 0401 179 136 Miss Showgirl & Rural Ambassador: Mortimer Duff, 0488 992 334
Prime Cattle: Steve Robinson, 0447 111 331 Bar Convener: Mortimer Duff, 0488 992 334
Stud  Beef: Michael Duff, 0437 020 705 Young Farmers Challenge: Viv White, 0412 016 564
Poultry: Les Robinson, 0429 839 762  

Adults $15.00 per person from 1st July – 30th June
$7.00 for Non-voting Juniors (12 – 17 Years)
Family $35 ( two adults and 3 children)
Committee Meetings are held monthly in the Show Pavilion

Show Admission Prices
Adults, $10
High School Students, $5
Primary School Students and Under, Free
Family Pass: Two adults and three children, $25

*All Persons must pay Gate Entry Charges unless in possession of a current Proston Show Society pass. School-based agricultural competitors, and students in school uniform are exempt from Gate Entry Charges

Show Schedules:

Entry Forms (134kb pdf)
Dogs (366kb pdf)
Chainsaw (357kb pdf)
Pavilion (1mb pdf)
Poultry (438kb pdf)
Prime Cattle (442kb pdf)
Ring Events (646kb pdf)
Stud Cattle (482kb pdf)
Ute Muster (400kb pdf)
Woodchop and Saw (428kb pdf
Full Show Schedule (2.78mb pdf )

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