Yellowbelly Family Fishing Competition, Lake Boondooma

Mission Statement:

'To create, maintain and monitor a sustainable, multi-species recreational fishery in Lake Boondooma.'

The Yellowbelly Fishing Competition is an annual event held in February each year at Lake Boondooma, 20kms from Proston, see map (1.2mb pdf). It is the largest freshwater fishing event in Queensland. The next Yellowbelly Family Fishing Competition is set for 9 and 10 February, 2019. Download the flyer (4.5mb pdf). Read the press release (39kb pdf) with all the information about the 2019 competition.

See our fishing news column for previous year's competition results. View photos from the 2018 competition.

People come from near and far to participate in the family-friendly fishing competition and its great prizes.
More than 1,000 campers enjoy the great facilities provided by the South Burnett Regional Council at Lake Boondooma. Many of the campers extend their stay in the area to visit other tourist attractions including Boondooma Homestead,
the Wondai Timber Museum, Wondai Art Gallery, local wineries and many other attractions in the local area.

The Association has released approximately 3.001 million fingerlings into Lake Boondooma since 1984. Included in the total are approximately 948,058 Australian Bass, 1.825 million Golden Perch of Yellowbelly and 165,000 Silver Perch.
The annual fishing and family fun-weekend is a major fundraiser that supports the ongoing stocking of Lake Boondooma. Accommodation available at the dam includes 5 self-contained cabins, a communal bunkhouse, powered sites, non-powered lakeside camping areas and modern amenities blocks. For information on camping fees phone the kiosk at Lake Boondooma on 4168 9694.

All anglers must have a current Stock Impoundment Permit. Permits can be purchased from the kiosk at Lake Boondooma or online at

For more information about the Yellowbelly Fishing Competition contact Terry Allwood on 0400 860122.



























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Fishing news


Press release, 1 January 2019 Information about the 2019 Yellowbelly Family Fishing Competition (39kb pdf)


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Press Release (111kb pdf) about the next Yellowbelly Fishing Compeition to be held on 10 and 11 February 2018.

More than 1,000 visitors decended on Lake Boondooma for the 2017 Yellowbelly Fishing Competition. Our Press release, 12 February 2017 (105kb pdf) lists all the results. See photos of the winners from the 2017 competition.


The flyer (884kb pdf) for the 2017 Yellowbelly Fishing Competition is now out. Mark your calendar so you don't miss this event.

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Dudley Schif with Mayor Wayne Kratzmann

Dudley Schif with Mayor Wayne Kratzmann. Dudley was the 2014 winner of the overall heaviest Yellowbelly with a weight of 3.095kg sponsored by Lake Boondooma Kiosk.

This year's fishing competition was a great success. Read press release for results (50kb pdf),
11 February, 2014